Communication Guide


Communication Guide

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The church is the hope of the world. As church leaders we have the responsibility of communicating the greatest message known to mankind.

Yet oftentimes, churches have a difficult time communicating this message because they don’t understand the basics of church marketing and communications.

I spent years researching and identifying the essentials of Church Communications and I produced a training guide to help you communicate better. Read below on what you receive with the Church Communication Guide ...  

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Communication Guide Modules: 

Each module is complete with a training video, instructional book and application tools. And you receive instant access to all the resources upon purchase. 

Vision Identification
Vision Identification is clarifying who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you are going.

Brand Standards
Brand Standards are the compilation of documents where articulate your key communication messages, establish a visual identity and explore ways to protect your brand.

Communication Strategy
Your communication strategy helps you determine what, when and how you will communicate.

Project Systems
Andy Stanley says, “The systems down the hall trump the vision on the wall.” If you don’t have systems in place, standards and strategy mean absolutely nothing.

Social Media
Learning to use social media to reach the lost and to extend the influence of the church isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must.

Web Essentials
Today’s church visitors will most certainly check out your church on the Internet before they attend for the first time. Your website should be a web experience, not just a website.

Guest Experience
Your first time guest experience is critical to guests returning to your church, and possibly to any church.

Audience Connection
Ever been disconnected on the phone but not realize it until you have finished speaking?  Then you understand the importance of making sure you are connected to your audience.

Volunteer Mobilization
You have an army of creatively gifted people who attend your church every week. Learning to recruit, train and mobilize them will catapult your communications ministry to levels you never dreamed possible.

Storytelling Principles
At the end of the day, stories move people.  Effective storytelling is always more effective than just another event announcement.

The good news is, you don’t need hours of research, big budgets and countless cups of coffee to master the fundamentals of Church Communications. Click the 'PURCHASE' button and you can instantly access each training module video, instructional guide and application tools