Tim Peters Group offers a full-service church staffing solution that connects local churches with much-needed ministry professionals. We believe in helping local churches find ministry leaders who are equally called to give their time and talents to the cause of Jesus Christ. 

Fortunately, thousands of talented leaders exist who are waiting to use their gifts and skills for a cause higher than themselves.

But where do you find them?
And even if you know where to find them, how do you vet them?
And even if you could vet them, how would you find the time to locate the right person for the position?

That’s where we come in.

We know where to find church leaders for your open positions.
We vet potential candidates on your behalf.
We have the experience, resources, and connections to ensure you have the best candidates for your open position.


Our staffing process focuses on saving you time and helping you hire the best candidate. We leverage our connections, systems, and knowledge to hire the best candidate for your open position. 

We create a Scope of Position document with job description, salary, vision, staff culture, community demographics, etc. 

We share your job opening around the nation via email databases, social media channels, personal connections, and ministry partners

We screen and vet each candidates experiences, skills, backgrounds, strengths, dreams, etc. 

We formally introduce selected candidates and provide you ongoing support throughout the entire staff process



  • Communications Director
  • Creative Arts Pastor 
  • Art Director
  • Digital Director 
  • Web Developer 
  • Video Storyteller 
  • Audiovisual Director
  • Senior Pastor 
  • Executive Pastor 
  • Worship Leader 
  • Children's Pastor 
  • Youth Pastor 
  • Adult Ministries Pastor