I've compiled and packaged years of thoughts and research findings into free digital books. Each eBook is free and you are encouraged to share with others.


The 4 ways growing churches communicate 

This short and practical eBook shares the 4 common ways growing churches uses communications. Each of the churches we researched understood their story. Meaning they knew who they were, where they were going and why they were going there. Equally important each church developed communication standards, strategies and systems to keep the ‘story’ of their church the main thing.


Healthy leader: start with you

Great leaders model what could be and what should be. As church leaders, that is the heavy burden and glad responsibility we bear. Yet taking responsibility for yourself is one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding aspects of being a leader. This eBook provides you practical ways to be a healthy leader and how to enjoy ministry.


the roal of a church communications director

The role of a Communications Director changes rapidly with constant changes in technology. This eBook provides you the role of a Church Communications Director, but more importantly you will learn why you should have hired one yesterday. Within the eBook I will share with you the main priorities of a Communications Director and ways to be successful. 


the simply communicate method

The Simply Communicate Method is a systematic approach to leverage communications to engage and reach more people. This eBook offers a broad overview of the six steps in the Simply Communicate Method: storytelling, standards, strategy, systems, social media, and staffing. Within the eBook you will learn how to discover your story, reduce communication clutter and prioritize what to communicate. 



This eBook teaches you how to develop a web experience that attracts visitors to your church. The goal of the eBook is to help you not only engage visitors but strengthen relationships with church members. I'll will give you a step-by-step guide on how to build a web experience, not just a website.